Friday, December 2, 2011

Make a Wish & Do Some Good

It's that time of year when everyone is asking us Mamas "What does (insert child's name) want for Christmas?"

Perhaps you don't want your child to get one more item to fill up their already stuffed toy boxes, but, for better or worse, Aunties WILL be Aunties and Grandmas WILL be Grandmas...and kids WILL be kids! Of course they have wishes and dreams...who doesn't remember the magic of Christmas as a child? The anticipation of what Santa might bring?

So, here's a tip to help you know how to answer, provide a writing exercise for your little students (even if you don't home school, practice is always a good idea!), AND do some good in the world. Are you ready?

Have your kids write a letter to Santa.

Simple, right? Maybe you've already done it! Well, bring a stamped envelope containing your letter to Macy's Department store and Macy's will donate $1 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, up to 1 million dollars. Have you seen this? Perhaps I'm the only one who doesn't have television and hadn't heard about this, but even if you have, you really SHOULD check out their website. You can write and decorate the letter online, then print and drop it off. You can locate the nearest store to you. You can listen to music. It really is a sweet little site.

The Make a Wish Foundation once granted a wish for my cousin who had leukemia...he wanted a hot tub in his house and they made it happen. In the midst of this terrible disease he was distracted by the idea of a hot tub actually BEING in his house. He got to sit in it and enjoy the water without having to leave home. Did it cure him? No, chemo did that. BUT it made his disease that much more bearable for he and his family.

If writing a letter to Santa would help make that happen for even ONE kid, I'm sure we'd all write 1,000 letters! And it can, so pull out those pens and paper and get to it! The deadline is December 7th, after all!

**HUGE kudos to my niece, M, for letting me know about this initiative and for the work her Honor Society is doing to gather as many letters as possible**

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