Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MIA Monday

I missed you all yesterday! I have been trying to post Monday-Friday, but alas, Sunday night and Monday were eaten up with something I love.


The Spouse had a Youth and Family event at the church where families could pick pieces, he would bring them from the local Pottery Burn, they'd paint, he'd have them fired, and then he'd bring them back to the church for pick up. All of the fun, none of the driving around. Perfect Family event, right? Well, it was a huge success with loads of families taking part.

We had decided that we would make a treat plate for my Grandpa using the kids' finger prints. Here's what we made

As a "thank you" the studio manager gifted us this piece and The Spouse told me I could paint it...there went Sunday night! :)

It is based on this fabric I found online.

There was also a mix up somehow and a piece couldn't be returned...so we decided to paint it up as a family. The kids' thumbprints became ornaments and I took over from there. There went Monday morning!

The kids and I also made a super-secret Christmas surprise piece as a gift for someone...no photos lest the receiver read the blog. :)

The Spouse had a youth event Monday afternoon/evening and couldn't do the drop off at the Pottery Burn, so the two littlest ones and I ran everything across town to be fired...I cannot wait to see the finished products at the end of the week! Here's hoping they turn out as well as I hope they will!

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Angel said...

So cute and creative!!