Friday, December 9, 2011

The Joy of Flowers

Flowers...what else can make someone's day brighter?!
I know, I know, some argue, "They die, what's the point?"
The point is; they are LOVELY. (Plus, when you live in a state that is as cold as ours and only get to appreciate gardens for a few short months, live flowers are a sort of delicacy!)

A few weeks ago there were several special people who needed a little sunshine in their lives. I wanted to do something special.

I found a large pickle jar...
A felted sweater...
Some twine...
And wrapped the jar up in a virtual hug.
Threw in an arrangement and added a hand-stamped metal tag (not pictured) to let the people know I cared.

Dear Reader, perhaps you're right....they are "just" flowers. But those flowers symbolize that someone cares...and that is what matters most of all.

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jlarnold said...

and that is why we love you.