Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here's to 2012

Can it really be 2012?!?!

I honestly do!!! We've heard our Grandparents and our Parents say it a million times and they are RIGHT..."Time goes by so fast."
Instead of dwelling on the sad (which I am an expert at, by the way) I am going to look optimistically at the future. AND I'm going to pray that by posting my "resolutions" (I prefer to call them "try harders") here I will be held accountable. Here's hoping, right!?!

So here are some areas I want to "try harder" at:

1. I want to work to do more bulk cooking. I LOVE it when I can pound out several days worth of meals in one kitchen session. I feel so powerful and put together when I have hotdishes in the freezer just ready to be thrown in. I used to do this frequently on Sundays when we were living in our "hometown"...since moving to D-town it hasn't been happening much. I will work on this.

2. Get back to using the Envelope System. The spouse and I REALLY enjoyed our Dave Ramsey course and used the envelope system for several months before 'life' got in the way and we went into full-on survival mode. No more. I refuse to keep living in "what if the house sells soon" mode or the "well, we're not going to be in the apartment forever" state. Enough. We may well be living this way for quite some time and one year has nearly passed already! No more wasted time. WE WILL live life on our terms...regardless of where. (I realize this may sound silly that we haven't gotten to this place before now...)

3. Continue working out 12/month at the YMCA. I'll admit it. I'm one of "those" people who actually will MAKE myself go and work out just to get $20 reimbursed from our insurance company. I haven't seen much in terms of drastic physical changes, but I do enjoy getting my Netflix time while doing my cardio. :)

4. Continue with my lesson planning book. Prior to this fall I had done all lesson planning on the computer, but didn't do a stellar job of making sure things got DONE in a timely fashion. I started doing it pencil to paper this fall and it has made SUCH a difference. Don't ask me why, it just does! Maybe because the kids can see it more clearly too? Anyhow, we're going to keep that one going.

5. Communication.
With The Spouse. With the Kids. With my Friends. I want to work on doing more of this in a more meaningful way. I realize this is pretty vague; I'll work on specifics soon. ;)

I think those are the highlights for the year. Sure. I'd like to do more craft projects, have a tidier house, get the kids' baby books up to date...I certainly will try, but for now those 5 will help most with my day-to-day living. And, as we know

What are your "try harders" for 2012?

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