Thursday, July 14, 2011

Craft Time...Bucket Hats

The Dollar Tree store in the spouses' town (yup, we're still living apart, but hopefully not for too much longer...more on that soon!) is AWESOME. I found these super fun bucket hats in kid sizes...I seized the good deal and decided to make it a project for the kids.

I pulled out a bunch of felt, scissors, flowers, rick rack, ribbon...just random odds and ends I thought would be cute and the kids told me and showed me what they wanted.

I pinned it on.

They went out to play.

I sewed it in place and took a photo. SO EASY!

I'll bet you could find a 'blah' hat at a second hand store or rummage sale for little or nothing and have a personalized hat in just a few minutes...even without sewing! Gorilla Glue or equally strong glue would make even quicker work out of embellishments. :) Have fun!

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