Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Craft Time...Platter Earrings

Welcome back, everyone!

Today I'm showing you how to make platter earrings. I got the idea from a good friend who has been mentioned earlier in the post about kids being easier than potted plants...I don't think she's been formally named, but I think its time...Hippie Mama is what I'm going to call her. I think she'd be proud of that title because she IS very at one with the earth and works to stay at peace with her surroundings even while raising 4 sweet kids ranging in age from 17 to 4. Anyhow, she brought me this idea from a vacation she and her family took. She rocks, doesn't she?!

Anyhow, here's what you need...
A metal platter...be sure that its very thin OR made of very soft metal as the one pictured is. You'll need to be able to cut it with your...

Tin snip (available at hardware stores. Be sure to buy one that is straight...many of them curve to the right or left. I was SUPER thankful the guy at our local hardware store asked me what I was doing with the tin snip and saved me from that mistake! Buying local has DEFINITE advantages!)

Permanent Marker in your preferred color (I do black)

Rubbing Alcohol...I use pads...a cotton swab would work fine. (At first I just put "alcohol"...then added the "rubbing"...afterall, we try not to be "that" kind of blog! WINK!)

Earring findings...available at craft shops

Metal Hole Punch...I had to buy my online as there weren't any available in my area and finding them at larger stores wasn't working either. It wasn't spendy, but definitely an investment. I would imagine you could also do some sort of drill to make the hole...even use a hammer/nail to poke the hole. I knew I was making multiple pairs so it would be cost effective for me.


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