Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Craft Time..Tye Dyed Shirts

Anyone who has ever been to camp has tie-dyed, but in case you forgot the fun and satisfaction that can come from this project I thought I’d remind you!

Here’s how we made it a fun project WITH little ones.

DAY ONE: We rubber banded the shirts….I showed them designs and explained how they had folded the shirts and then I let the kids fold their shirt (I did the 3 year olds). Next, I helped them do their rubberband….it wasn’t easy, that’s for sure! They did fine except for getting it SUPER tight; a little help from Mom and they were good to go.

DAY TWO: Actually dyed the shirts. We used the “tulip” brand dye from JoAnn's (also on that 40% sale I mentioned yesterday). When we opened up the shirts the kids squealed with delight. Who doesn’t love the surprise of that?!

I then layed them in the cool, dark basement to dry. They have held their color quite well. I have a feeling we'll be doing that project again! There are so many cool project ideas out there. Check this out for some neat how-to videos.

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