Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Craft Time...Hanky Scarf

I LOVE scarves...they are so cozy and make me so happy...the thing is that with HOT weather is that my wearing a scarf would cause my Mother to say, "Looking at you makes me so hot." SO...a person has to get creative!

I found these packs of hankerchiefs at our local drug store...$1.50 per pack seemed super reasonable...I'm sure if you dug around or asked a relative you could easily find old hankies that would be super soft and cozy...mine are going to need some washing to get to that point.

I pinned them together with just a slight overlap.

I sewed them together, then ironed it so it was nice and neat

I loved it so much I am going to give it to Anne and make another for myself. ;)
How about you?!

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