Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Craft Time...Skirt from Men's Shirt

Leve is in LOVE with the color orange...she needs it like she needs air. Obviously, however, her Mama isn't going to go out and purchase a new wardrobe featuring her new favorite color. Her Mama WILL, however, purchase random orange items and remake them for her darling...and Leve has figured this out and can spot an orange item at a rummage sale from 40 paces!

So, she found this men's shirt...the stripes, the orange, plus, it's super soft!

We lay the shirt down and cut under the armpits across the entire shirt.

Then, fold the shirt in half with the two side seams meeting up and cut up the shirt at the fold.

Cut the shape of the skirt to make the front and backs of the skirt.

Pin right sides together and sew the side seams.

Cut the sleeves off of the shirt and lay them flat.

Lay that sleeve piece over the top of the skirt making sure there is a little extra on either side...then sew those side seams together

Now that you have your waist band. Pin it to the top of the skirt piece with right sides together.

This photo shows what it looks like after you pull it straight up. Next you'll pull that flap down to the inside and create a band...leave a gap to you can put your elastic in.

Next you'll feed your elastic through the band. Sew the hole closed.

I sewed the elastic in place from the outside.

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