Saturday, July 16, 2011

Craft Time...Clipboard Fun

The Spouses’ Dollar Tree is at it again….they had clipboards for sale…awesome! They had both the large and small size and we picked large. We gathered Highlights magazines, Kid’s National Geographic, old greeting cards, and other fun papers and went to work. I had the kids pick out what they wanted (helping to cut out whenever it was needed). We laid it all out to make sure it all fit. Then, we laid a layer of modge podge on and they arranged them again. Once they were in the right place we put the modge podge over the top. The hardest part? LEAVING THEM ALONE over night while they dried…it was seriously difficult for the kids to leave them be!

This is going to be great for taking to church…add some paper and pen and we’ll have a great place to draw and won’t end up with the “fabric bumpies” from the pew.

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