Monday, July 11, 2011

Make a List Monday**July 11, 2011

For Make a List Monday a few weeks ago I asked what your favorite blogs were…I didn’t hear back from many of you, but as several of you have blogs I can see the ones you’ve identified on your blog…so fun! I think it is amazing that there are people with the same sorts of interests as me and that the blogs and their content are as varied as the authors themselves.

My favorites right now (they change depending on what I’m “into”) are Icandy, Homemade Happy, and Ain’t No Mom Jeans…I have dozens of others that I read…one about a good friend’s special needs child tugs my heart and reminds me of what is really important, one about decorating is fun to look at as I think about moving to a new house, and the one about the Mom who takes her four boys on adventures throughout the state of Minnesota encourages me to find the adventure in the every day...I just find blogs to be so very, very fun! Thanks for visiting mine means so much.

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Anonymous said...

I have just started to follow thepleatedpoppy. You and this lady have TONS in common! Rita